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$1000 CONTEST!

Do you take remarkable photographs? Or draw nice pictures? Or take nice modeling shots? Well, here is your chance to shine…

Enter to Win.

Contest Guidelines:

  • Anyone can enter, previous experience not required
  • Contest has a $10 entry fee per submission
  • Two photo’s, drawings, or modeling shots per submission (max)
  • Artist can have multiple submissions
  • Photo(s) can be of any category (nature, aerial, candid, fashion, landscape, portrait, modeling, architectural, “city-scape”, etc)
  • Photo, art or shots must be the artist original work
  • Artist keeps all copyrights to their work
  • Artist agrees Posh Arts has permission to include art on website, newsletter, and/or social media, giving recognition to the artist
  • Once entry fee is received you will receive instructions to complete the photo submission. Good Luck!

The winner will be announced in the Posh Arts newsletter. They will also have a bio in the “winners circle” on the website for all to see… and oh yeah, take home the $1000 prize! (also… winning a widespread contest such as this looks great for the career and could lead to a six figure salary, at PoshArts or elsewhere)